Oil Mist Filter EMF20

Edwards Vacuum  EMF20 Oil Mist Filter for RV12, E1M18, E2M18 Vacuum Pumps

Mist filters capture oil mist from the outlet of pumps, which would otherwise be ejected into the atmosphere. This may happen when you use gas ballast or when you pump high gas throughputs. You can also return oil trapped in the mist filter back to the pump, although you must ensure that the process gases will not contaminate the pump or pump oil.

The EMF20 mist filter is suitable for use with RV12 and E2M18 pumps. The EMF20 mist filter can be used with an E2M28 on low pressure applications; contact Edwards. They are very efficient at 99.999% DOP test and are also azide proof. The white bottom half of the body is semi-transparent, allowing the oil level to be monitored. The EMF filters have a unique odor element which neutralizes the smell of oil mist.



Captures oil mist from pump outlet when used with RV Rotary Vane Pumps

Ejection of oil into the atmosphere during usage of gas ballast or pump high gas throughputs can be prevented.

- Semi-transparent white bottom half for oil level monitoring
- Integral pressure relief valve opens if oil element is blocked
- Neutralize oil mist smell
- Integral pressure relief valve opens if oil element blocks
- Efficient at 99.999% DOP test
- Azide proof

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Model RV12, E2M18 pump
NW25 clamp, centering ring, O Ring, NW25 to 0.75 in. BSP adapter
Oil Mist Filter

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Instruction Manual EMF3, EMF10 and EMF20 Oil Mist Filters