Pompa tłokowa mała HP-1400H


 wydajność 6m3/h, próżnia końcowa ok 25mbar

Cena 680 € netto


The Hokaido HP oil-free piston vacuum pumps are realized where utmost operating safety is required, as for example in 24/7-application in industry enterprises, for retention of hydraulic oils on service at construction machinery. The characteristic of the Hokaido HP oil-free piston vacuum pumps is the integrated, over-dimensioned bearings. Owing to this, the best possible lifetime and reliability of the vacuum pumps is achieved. The suction capacity of HP oil-free piston vacuum pumps remains almost unchanged even after many thousand operating hours because of the exactly aligned components.

Due to oil-free technology, HP piston vacuum pumps can be transported without any problems and mounted in all positions. Our oil-free piston vacuum pumps are practically free of maintenance. This is essential for installations where maintenance is often impossible or will be forgotten. There are very few operating costs. Therefore the application of the high quality, oil-free piston vacuum pumps is also economically advantageous.

The HP oil-free piston vacuum pumps stand out for an extremely long lifetime, reliability  and low maintenance. Moreover Hokaido HP oil-free piston vacuum pumps have an almost constant suction performance even after many thousands of operating hours. HP oil-free vacuum pumps from Hokaido are characterized by low sound pressure levels. All components, which get in contact with the suction air, have a special coating to protect against corrosion.

Dane techniczne

Technical Data

Max Airflow

Max Vacuum

Input Power


Insulaion Class

Cold Insulation Resistance

Breakdown Strength

Thermal Protection

Restart Pressure


Inlet/Outlei Size

Mouting Feet

6.0 m³/h

-98 KPa






130±5 °C




φ7 mm