The Edwards 30B5M vapour booster pumps offer higher pumping speeds, of up to
15000 ls-1 at pressures intermediate between mechanical boosters and diffusion pumps. Vapour boosters from Edwards have been proven in the field for over 30 years. With a constant program of updates and modernisation, with input from OEM's and end users, combined with inherent reliability, ease of use and tolerance to various inlet and exhaust pressures they have been used extensively in metallurgy and coating industries as well as other specialist applications.


Features and Benefits

  •     Very large pumping speed at high operating pressures
  •     Very high throughput at operating pressures
  •     Quick crossover for excellent pumpdown times
  •     Industry proven for over 40 years and continuously updated to suit OEM and end-user requirements
  •     Excellent reliability
  •     Boiler access now at both ends for ease of cleaning


  •     Vacuum metallurgy
  •     Distillation, drying and degassing
  •     Thin film coating and metallizing
  •     Large-scale research
Dane techniczne
Pumping speed  
air 12500 ls-1
hydrogen 15000 ls-1
Maximum throughput 300 mbar ls-1
  225 Torr ls-1
Critical backing pressure 5.3-6 mbar
(with AP201 fluid) 4-4.5 Torr
Recommended backing pump displacement 290 m3h-1
  171 ft3min-1
Recommended backing pump† GXS450, E2M275
Recommended fluid Apiezon® AP201
Fluid charge 55 litre / 52 qt
Inlet connection 12 x 20.60 holes on 686.0 PCD
Backing connection 4 x 16.70 holes on 235.0 PCD
Water connection 1 inch BSP
Heater power 22.5 kW / 30 hp
Warming up time for full performance at  
maximum heater input 60 min
Minimum water flow inlet 2250 l h-1 @ 20oC
  9.9 US gal min-1 @ 20oC
Weight 620 kg / 1367 lbs

† These are given for guidance

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30B5M Vapour Booster Pumps Instruction Manual