The HT high throughput series is the pinnacle of our diffusion pump knowledge with technology aimed specifically at industrial users.
Edwards HT16B (ANSI16/ISO5000 inlet) diffusion pump is designed for all light and heavy duty industrial applications. The robust construction gives high pumping speed at high pressure. The cast and machined aluminium interior provides consistent performance, while the stainless steel body prevents corrosion and ensures process cleanliness.  These pumps are designed to give a high throughput (pressure multiplied by pumping speed) at 4 × 10-3 mbar making them ideal for industrial processes that involve large quantities of gases.


Features and Benefits

  •     Highest throughput of comparative sized pumps
  •     Earliest crossover pressure of similar sized pumps
  •     Excellent maximum backing line pressure and tolerance to gas surges
  •     Comparative pumping speed to similar sized pumps
  •     Integral cold cap for best performance and low backstreaming
  •     Self fractionating for low ultimate pressures
  •     Easy change heater assembly
  •     Half power energy saving standby mode
  •     Oil level sight glass fitted as standard


  •     Vacuum metallurgy
  •     Distillation, drying and degassing
  •     Thin film coating and metallizing
  •     Large-scale research
Dane techniczne
Comparative pumping speed 11580 ls-1
ISO pumping speed†  
  Nitrogen 6500 ls-1
  Helium 7200 ls-1
AVS pumping  
  Nitrogen 7220 ls-1
  Helium 8000 ls-1
Maximum throughput (nitrogen) 18 mbar ls-1
  13.5 Torr ls-1
Critical backing pressure (DC704EU) 1.4 mbar
  1 Torr
Min backing pump displacement for max throughput 94 m3h-1
  55 ft3min-1
Recommended backing pump‡ GV80, GXS250, E2M175
Recommended fluid DC704EU
Fluid charge (dry) 2400 ml / 2.5 qt
Inlet/backing connection ANSI16/ANSI3 or
Water connection 3/4 inch NPT female
Heater power 9 kW / 12 hp
Warm up time 60 min
Minimum cooling water flow at 25°C 700 l h-1 / 3.1 US gal min-1
Pressure drop across cooling water supply 1 bar / 14.5 psi
Weight 185 kg / 408 lbs

† ISO speed and throughout data obtained with total pressure measurement. Partial pressure readings typically increase data by ~30%. ISO speed measurements are typically 10% less than AVS measurements for the same pump.
‡ These are given for guidance

Pliki do pobrania
HT10 and HT16 High Throughput Diffusion Pumps Instruction Manual