The XDS35i pump has an innovative bearing shield design that isolates the vacuum environment from all forms of lubricant, not only making it totally dry but hermetically sealed. The shield also protects the bearing from any process vapours.
Gas ballast allows vapour to be handled and opens up the range of applications to many that were previously unsuited to scroll pumps. The inverter drive controls the motor characteristics and ensures the pump always runs at optimum speed.


Features and Benefits

  • Lubricant-free within the vacuum envelope and hermetically sealed means totally clean and dry vacuum to prevent cross contamination
  • No atmosphere to vacuum shaft seals means bearings are completely isolated, this prevents process attack and means bearings run cooler and last longer
  • No oil changes required eliminating costs of contaminated oil disposal
  • Simple single sided scroll design means maintenance is done in minutes for low cost of ownership and maximum up-time
  • Inverter drive for consistent pumping speed at 50/60Hz


  • Clean pumping applications
  • Automotive
  • Beam lines and high energy physics
  • Centrifuges, ultra high speed
  • Coating
Dane techniczne
Displacement 50 or 60Hz 43 m3h-1 / 25 ft3min-1
Peak pumping speed 50 or 60Hz 35 m3h-1 / 21 ft3min-1
Ultimate vacuum (Total pressure) 1 x 10-2 mbar / 8 x 10-3 Torr
Max inlet pressure for water vapour 35 mbar / 23 Torr
Max water vapour pumping rate – GB I 70 gh-1
Max water vapour pumping rate – GB II 240 gh-1
Max allowed outlet pressure 0.2 bar gauge / 2.9 psig*
Max allowed inlet and GB pressure 0.5 bar gauge / 7 psig
Motor power 0.52kW
Power connector IEC EN60320 C19
Nominal rotation speed 1750 rpm
Weight 48 kg / 105 lb
Inlet flange NW40
Exhaust flange NW25
Noise level 57 dB (A)
Vibration -1(rms)
Leak tightness (static) -6 mbar ls-1
Operating temperature range 10 to 40 °C / 50 to 104 °F

* 1 bar gauge / 14 psig for short period of time only.

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